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Creating quilts is a way of expressing my creativity. I love the process of dreaming what a new project might look like once it is done and watching my vision come to reality.


Sunday 27 September 2015

Learned so much at the Cindy Needham workshop!

I had a fabulous learning experience today. Here is my unfinished work from the workshop.
Pictured above is the front.
Below is the back.
This was my first time quilting with wool batting. I felt like I was sewing on butter. It was so easy to slide around in my machine.

This type of cloth is called cherrywood fabric. I had never heard of it before but I really love it. 
For the bobbin I used 60 wt. Bottom line thread. I have never tried using a thinner thread in the bobbin but it works really well. Cindy brought so many types of great thread along. I am going to have to go thread shopping now. I didn't realize how important thread choice is before.

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