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Creating quilts is a way of expressing my creativity. I love the process of dreaming what a new project might look like once it is done and watching my vision come to reality.


Monday 27 July 2015

Using A French Curve Template To Make Quilting Design

I bought a set of French Curve Templates at a local art store recently. Today was the first time I used one of them. Actually I just used a small portion of one. I had a square I wanted to fill with a circular design. I tried it on paper first. Then I cut the design out and auditioned it on the fabric. I was happy with how it filled the space so I pulled out my water soluble marking pen and drew it on the fabric. I drew a small dot right in the center of the square. I placed the tip of the French Curve on the dot then traced a curve. Then I moved it over a bit keeping the tip on the center dot. No measuring or math, I just tried to make them as even as possible every time I moved the curve over. Next I free motion quilted it. I was pretty happy with the result.

Friday 24 July 2015

How do I decide when to pick out some FMQ work?

I try not to pick out my free motion quilting--- but occasionally I feel like I just have to. I am by no means an expert at free motion quilting. I still feel like I am learning with every project I do. When I see an area that I am not happy with I leave it for a few days. After this amount of time I often decide that it doesn't really bother me enough to pick it out. If after that amount of time my eyes keep going back to that spot and resting there it just has to go. Below I have circled an area that I just couldn't live with. I picked it out and did it over. My eyes no longer rest on that spot.

Was the trouble worth it? I think so. I had to carefully pick out enough thread so it was long enough to tie knots any bairey them. It took about 15 minutes of my time.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Finally I have started quilting my Rosie quilt!

I spent last week basting and stitching in the ditch ESS (every stinking seam) Whew I'm glad that part is done! now for the fun part-- I just started free motion quilting it today. I was inspired to make a variation of a poppy flower that I read about on "The Inbox Jaunt" blog. (I love that blog, great tutorials) Here is my work so far.