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Creating quilts is a way of expressing my creativity. I love the process of dreaming what a new project might look like once it is done and watching my vision come to reality.


Saturday 5 September 2015

FMQ disaster recovery

I had some free motion quilting that I really didn't like. It took only a few minutes to stictch it but nearly two hours to pick it out. I knew almost right from the beginning that I didn't like it. At first I thought that if I just keep throwing more thread at it that somehow it would improve. Well it didn't. It was just going from bad to worse. I had to take my seam ripper and tweezers to it. I had to be very careful because I didn't want to damage the fabric. Once all the thread was out I was left with a bunch of small holes from the needle. I had to get rid of them. See them on the blue square?
I took a soaking wet facecloth and dabbed it onto the area. I was really happy that once it dried the holes were no longer visible.
Now the block is redone. I choose a completly different design. I am happy that I took the time to pick it all out. I like the way it turned out now. I can't see where I picked it out at all.

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