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Thursday 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas! I just wanted to share some sewing projects that I made for Christmas gifts for a few children. The first is two pillowcase dresses. These are for two sisters. Age 2 and 8. They will look so cute wearing these! The little owls are made of bits of fabric that I cut from the background material. I bought this fabric at Fabricana in Richmond in case you are looking for it and live in the Vancouver lower mainland. It is called "Petticoats and Polka Dots" by Blue Hill fabrics.
  The second little project is a blanket and pillow for a doll. This is for the two year old girl. She is so into her little baby doll right now.
I had some chanielle left over from making the straps of the dresses so I used it for the backing of the doll blanket. The pink polk a dot fabric I used for the binding was left over from making the dresses as well. 
For the girls' brother I made a pillowcase. I used a good quality soft flannel with cars on it. I think he is going to love sleeping on it. I watched an online tutorial on how to make a "rolled pillowcase" to learn how to make it.
The thing I like about this method of making a pillowcase is that there are now raw edges.
This looks like it would be difficult but it is actually very easy. If you want to watch the tutorial I have included a link.
                                            Rolled pillow case tutorial

The dresses were constructed in the same way. No raw edges. Here is the inside of the dress.
I hope you have enjoyed viewing my projects. I wish you a Happy New Year!

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