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Creating quilts is a way of expressing my creativity. I love the process of dreaming what a new project might look like once it is done and watching my vision come to reality.


Sunday 2 November 2014

I joined a quilter's guild!

I haven't blogged in awhile. Still so many unfinished projects! I am slowly chipping away at them.

I joined a quilters guild two months ago. I have really enjoyed going to the first two meetings. 

After being on the waiting list for more than two years my turn finally came up to be able to join the Crescent Quilter's Guild in South Surrey. I was pretty excited to finally join and meet some other people with the same passion I have. I have started working on a project called the "community quilt". This is a project the Crescent Quilters do every year to give away to people in the community.
I cut all the strips using up some scraps. Now I just need a dark background color. I am thinking of dark purple. I have no idea what the quilt will look like once it is done. That's the fun part! I am a little concerned about the fabric on the far left. The patterns are all supposed to be small but this one is a little bigger that small. I don't want to break the rules already, since I am still a new member! I may end up switching it to something else although I really like the fabric.

I made a commitment last month at the Crescent Quilters meeting to finish up the "Rosie" quilt that I blogged about in the last posting. I will try to finish up some projects soon so I can blog about them.

Update: November 9th---
I completed the instructions for this month. I could not resist laying out the pieces to see what possibilities there are. There are many possibilities but I kind of like this one.

Update: November 22nd-- Quilt top now complete!
This just seemed to come together so nicely. It was quick and easy to assemble. I like the ribbon effect that is created by the placement of the blocks. I did stray from the instructions on where to place the blocks though. Even though the placement is different, the ribbon effect is still evident (This was the desired effect of the project).

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