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Creating quilts is a way of expressing my creativity. I love the process of dreaming what a new project might look like once it is done and watching my vision come to reality.


Sunday 26 May 2013

Sugar block club

I enjoyed the 2012 Craftsy block of the month course so much that I was missing Amy Gibson's monthly tutorial. The sugar block club is is Amy's club and I've really enjoyed making the blocks so far. There are no videos like the 2012 block of the month, but the written instructions and pictures are easy to follow. I really enjoy making sampler quilts because there is no monotony of repetition.

2013 Sugar Block Club
You can click on this sugar block stamp  if you are interested in joining.
Update: As of  Jan 2014 I'm already working on the Sugar Block Club for 2014. I'll get pictures on the blog once I have several blocks done.
Here are my blocks so far.

 I saw this panel in a sampler quilt on blog called  "Kissed Quilts".  Luckily that blog had a link to the Spoonflower web site. I just had to order it. The "We can do it" slogan is so true. We really can do almost anything we put our minds to. A women with this attitude becomes a woman of many strengths. This was originally a WWII poster. If you are interested in ordering this panel for yourself, click on this link Rosie the riveter (This is the name of the panel on the Spoonflower web site).

Once it arrived I took it to the local fabric store. I headed over to the bin of fat quarters and chose out fabrics that seemed to go well with it. Having the panel with me almost made choosing the fabrics a "no brainer". I only had a few minutes to chose the fabrics because I was heading in to work for an evening shift. I was in and out of the fabric store in ten minutes. It was really easy to see what would go and what wouldn't. I wanted fabrics that didn't have much pattern so that they would almost act as solids.

When I started to construct my blocks I realized that I was selecting color combinations that I would have never dreamed of putting together. If I look at each block by itself I still feel the color combinations are a little strange. But when I put them all together with the panel they all seem to compliment each other and look good together.

When I construct my quilt I will arrange all of the sugar block club blocks around the panel and then free motion quilt it all. My only concern is that I may not have enough blocks by the end of the year. I may have to repeat some or use some blocks I learned last year in the Craftsy block of the month.

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