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Creating quilts is a way of expressing my creativity. I love the process of dreaming what a new project might look like once it is done and watching my vision come to reality.


Wednesday 3 August 2011

my nine patch and snowball quilt

Here is the second quilt I made. This one was really fun from start to finish. I selected all of the fabric online from fabric.com. I wanted this quilt to look fresh and have the feel of summer. I choose all of the fabrics that seemed to have the same color intensity. Then to add a little punch I choose the dark chocolate brown to give a little interest. I wanted to find a pattern that wasn't too challenging. I found this pattern in the September 2010 "The Quilter magazine".  The original quilt was called pretty pansies.The skill level said beginner so I figured I could managed that. In the first photo I opened the magazine to the page of the design I used and put it on top of my quilt. As you can see it is almost hard to believe this is the same pattern. It looks so different with my fabric choices. I must admit I didn't make quite as many of the snowball blocks because I wanted to leave some bigger squares to show off the pattern of the fabric which I really liked. I also wanted the quilting to be modern looking so I choose this pattern called "bubbles". It seems to tie in nicely with the round circles in the border. Sharon from the "Creative quilting company" in Lake Country BC did the longarm quilting for me. I wasn't really sure if I actually liked the splashes of dark chocolate brown in the quilt until I put the border on. Once I put the border on it just seemed to tie everything together. The final result was pretty much what I hoped it would be when I set out to design the quilt. I really wanted my quilt to look modern and cheerful which I think it does. When I was first telling my friends that I wanted to get into quilting I recieved comments like. Isn't that what old ladies do? Are you thinking of buying a rocking chair too? I guess this is not a popular hobbie for someone my age but who cares? Life is about exploring your interests, developing your own talents. Whether or not my friends think my hobbie is interesting doesn't really matter as long as it brings enjoyment to me.  Before I made this quilt I was reading someone else's quilting blog. She wrote about an experience that she had at a quilting class. She wanted to put some orange fabric in her quilt. The instructor would not let her. She was told to leave the orange out or else leave the class. I included a little orange in my quilt just because of that. I wanted to quilt "outside of the box" of what people consider traditional quilting. I like orange. All fabric in this quilt I ordered from fabric.com. I really like this site. Check it out.   

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