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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Friendship Block Lottery "Complimentary Block"

The following tutorial has been created for my friends of the Crescent Quilters Group. Thank-you for participating in this fun, skill building activity. You will learn the basic concept of paper piecing by making this block. If you have never done paper piecing before don't worry this is a very easy paper piecing block. There are detailed directions in this tutorial that will help you through it. If you have done paper piecing before it is a good review of the skill. If you are wondering where I got these block ideas and templates from, my inspiration came from a book called "Quilt Block Cookbook" By Amy Gibson. I recommend this book if you love making quilt blocks. It is full of great ideas for designing blocks and pairing up different blocks. The book is also full of beautiful inspiring pictures.The idea of the "friendship block lottery" was my own idea that I thought up as a twist to last year's friendship blocks that we did.

One valuable triate of a friendship is TRUST. I trust that if you have purchased this kit you will make the block and return it. We cannot have the draw to pick a winner until all of the blocks have been returned. Have fun, I hope you enjoy making this block. GOOD LUCK! The draw will be exciting!

You will be making a block that looks like this.

The $2 kit you have purchased from me contains the following:

-All of the fabric required to make this block.
-Paper templates required to make this block.
-One official entry for the lottery draw.

Lets get started!

1. -Cut out your fabric: From the GREY fabric cut four squares that are 7" each.
From your WHITE fabric cut out eight rectangles the are 9" x 5."
- Cut out your FOUR paper templates. NOT RIGHT ON THE LINE. LEAVE A 1/4" EXTRA OUTSIDE OF THE LINE.

2. Without thread in your sewing machine sew along the lines of your paper templates. (The line between 1 and 2 and the line between 1 and 3) THIS IS IMPORTANT TO DO AS IT WILL ENABLE YOU TO TEAR AWAY THE PAPER TEMPLATE EASILY AT THE END.

3. Take your grey square fabric. Place it face down. The wrong side of the fabric must be facing you. Now take a paper template and place it face up on top of the grey square. Pin it in place.

4. Fold the paper back along the line between 1 and 2.

5. Use a ruler to measure 1/4" beyond the fold and then using a rotary cutter to cut at the 1/4" measurement.

6. Place a white rectangle of fabric down. Now place the piece with the edge you just cut on top. Carefully line up the edge you just cut with the long edge of the rectangle.
 Lift back the folded paper and place another pin through all of the layers to hold in place.


8. Sew exactly along the line between 1 and 2.

9. Press your seam open.

10. Fold back the paper on the line between 1 and 3.

11. Place a ruler on top measuring 1/4" beyond the fold of the paper. Using a rotary cutter cut along the 1/4" measurement.

12. Place another white rectangle down. Carefully place the piece you just cut on top, lining up the edge you just cut to the long edge of the white rectangle.
13. Lift the fold back up and carefully place a pin to hold all of the layers together.
14. Sew exactly along the line between 1 and 3.
15. Iron the seam open.
16. Using a ruler and a rotary cutter measure and cut exactly 1/4" beyond the outside perimeter line. (All four sides of the square)
17. Carefully pull off the paper.

 Admire your beautiful work!

18. Repeat this three more times.
19. Lay out the four pieces in the way that they need to be sewn together. Press your seams open as you piece them together. (So many seams converge in the centre of the block that it will get bulky if
you don't)

20. Beautiful! Your finished block should be 12 1/2".

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